Trevor Sheehan

Professional Resume
Trevor J. Sheehan, B.Sc. (Agr.), P.Ag.

Academic Qualifications and Continuing Professional Development

  • Currently enrolled in the Appraisal Institute of Canada’s (AIC) Educational Program through the University of British Columbia to obtain the AACI designation
  • AIC 101, Introduction to the Appraisal Profession, 2014
  • Professional Agrologist (P. Ag), Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA), 2013 with Dual Membership with the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists (SIA) and British Columbia Institute of Agrologists (BCIA)
  • B.Sc. in Agriculture with Distinction (Range & Pasture Management Major), University of Alberta, 2009
  • Maintain the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements of the AIA, SIA, BCIA and AIC
  • Attended numerous professional development seminars and conferences

Professional Institute and Association Memberships/Licenses:

  • Alberta Institute of Agrologists (P. Ag.)
  • Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists (P. Ag.)
  • British Columbia Institute of Agrologists (P. Ag.)
  • Appraisal Institute of Canada (Candidate AIC Member)
  • Real Estate Council of Alberta
  • Alberta Expropriation Association
  • International Right of Way Association

Career & Practical Experience:

Feb 2013 to Present:
Candidate AIC Member / Senior Consultant, Canadian Resource Valuation Group Inc. Involved in agronomic assessments, real estate studies, market analyses, loss of use economic studies, replacement cost studies, surface rights and expropriation valuations and litigation support appraisals.

Account Manager/Agronomic Advisor, Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers Ltd.  Responsible for evaluating and implementing crop plans with producers, including: crop rotations, herbicide use, variety selections, fertility products and practices, and manure management.

Summer of 2007, 2008 and 2009:
Ammonia Coordinator, Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers Ltd. Served as the team lead within the ammonia department. Responsible for coordinating deliveries of anhydrous ammonia to and from Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers.

Barn Manager, PerroMac Farms Ltd.  Managed a 400 sow farrow to finish hog operation.

Carpentry Apprentice, Candour Construction Ltd. Assisted with various residential and commercial construction projects in the Greater Edmonton area.

2001 to 2013:
Farm/Ranch hand for Windy Hill Cattle Co. Involved with various field cropping and silage/hay operations, calving, pen checking, herd and pasture management and various other operational tasks.

Involved with family hog/grain farm, performing the daily operational duties and record keeping.

Professional Experience:

Appraisal Assignments

  • Involved in appraisals of various partial interests involving mineral surface leases and pipeline rights of way; estimating market values, loss of use/adverse effect and other damages per the Alberta Surface Rights Act, National Energy Board Act and the British Columbia Petroleum and Natural Gas Act.
  • Completed appraisals involving roadway rights of way for highway realignment & improvements; estimating market value, severance damage, injurious affection and incidental damages per the Alberta Expropriation Act.
  • Completed market analyses, current and retrospective market value appraisals of agricultural, future urban development, highway commercial/industrial, recreational and country residential properties throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
  • Completed market analyses, current and retrospective market value appraisals along major pipeline right of way routes throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
  • Completed appraisals of property values and assessed monetary losses experienced by landowners on numerous pipeline and surface lease installations in Alberta and northeastern British Columbia.
  • Completed appraisal assignments for litigation support, negotiation, mortgage financing, capital gains tax and matrimonial purposes.
  • Completed several real estate market analysis on lands within the Edmonton Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC)
  • Assisted with a replacement cost analysis for a large hog operation for the purposes of insurance claim settlement.
  • Conducted an extensive study of the impacts of pipeline rights of way on property values in Saskatchewan.
  • Completed appraisals of in-situ gravel and sand deposits.

First Nation Land Claim and Treaty Assessments

  • Involved in updating a study assessing the Modernization of the Agricultural Benefits to determine a per capita estimate of the modern day equivalent for the agricultural provisions within Treaty No. 8.

Consulting Assignments

  • Completed an assessment of the viability and yield potential of an alfalfa hay stand in the Athabasca area for the purposes of settling a land dispute.
  • Completed an assessment of crop losses with respect to seed potato production disturbed by a pipeline right of way in the proximity of the City of Edmonton/Fort Saskatchewan.
  • Completed an assessment of agricultural losses and/or damages as a result of the reactivation and expansion of a surface lease in north-eastern British Columbia.
  • Assisted in assessing crop damages from of an air seeder malfunction on four separate farms in the Bashaw area for the purposes of an insurance claim settlement.
  • Assisted with the analysis of impacts on field operations and increased travel routing resulting from a highway right of way expropriation which resulted in severance of a field grain cropping farm in north-central Saskatchewan.
  • Completed several analyses of impacts on field operations and agricultural damages (loss of use, adverse effect, severance, etc.) from mineral surface leases in Alberta and north- eastern BC to review annual rentals (i.e. ongoing nuisance and disturbance to the farming operation) and provide evidence at a compensation hearing.
  • Completed several analyses of impacts on field operations and agricultural damages (loss of use, adverse effect, severance, etc.) from pipelines and roadway takings in Alberta and north-eastern BC for presentation at a compensation hearing.
  • Completed an assessment of crop losses resulting from herbicide misapplication/spray drift to approximately 320 acres of canola.
  • Completed a study of agricultural rental rates in northern Alberta involving the review of leasing and rental policies in neighbouring jurisdictions and a survey of private lessees/lessors to update Alberta Environment & Parks Farm Development lease rates.
  • Appeared as an expert witness and been qualified in the areas of agrology, agriculture economics, agricultural practices and assessment of agricultural impacts before the Alberta Surface Rights Board (AB – SRB), the British Columbia Surface Rights Board (BC – SRB) and the British Columbia Oil and Gas Appeal Tribunal (OGAT).