Jeremy Wasmuth

Professional Resume
Jeremy P. Wasmuth, B. Comm., AACI, P.App

Academic Qualifications and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Forest Technology Diploma with Distinction Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, 2000
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Major/Business Law Minor), University of Alberta, 2005
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Valuation, University of British Columbia, 2011
  • Designated Member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada, AACI, P.App, 2013
  • Maintain the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements of AIC

Other Professional Memberships and Presentation Activities:

  • Northern Alberta Risk and Insurance Management Society (NARIMS) Corporate Member, 2005
  • Northern Alberta Canadian Condominium Institute Director, 2006-2007
  • Member of the International Right of Way Association (IRWA)
  • Member of the Alberta Expropriation Association (AEA)
  • Appraisal of Linear Projects 2016 Presentation – IRWA Regina Chapter 79
  • Pattern of Dealings – Market on Misconception for International Right of Way Association – Chapter 62 2013 Regional Education Forum and the 2014 Alberta Expropriation Association

Career Development:

Canadian Resource Valuation Group Inc. (2014-Present):

  • Incorporated since 2000, CRVG continues a consulting practice in the areas of real estate appraisal, market analysis, First Nation Land Claims, Agrology, and agricultural litigation support.

Senior Real Estate Appraiser,
Canadian Resource Valuation Group Inc. (2011-2014)

Duties included:

  • Conducting and authoring agricultural/commercial real estate appraisals, real property statistical market studies, loss of use economic studies, replacement cost studies, surface rights and expropriation valuations and litigation support reports.
  • Presenting final studies to stakeholders (i.e. Government of Canada, oil and gas executives and land owners).
  • Supervising, directing and mentoring associates.

Senior Real Estate Consultant,
Frost & Associates Realty Services Inc. (2010-2011)

Duties included:

  • Conducting and authoring agricultural, commercial, recreational and industrial real estate appraisals utilizing the three valuation approaches (i.e. cost approach, direct comparison approach and income approach). Also specializing in replacement cost (insurance) appraisals and litigation support valuations.

Business Development Manager,
Suncorp Valuations Ltd. (2005 to 2010)

Duties included:

  • Marketing, strategic planning, contract development and negotiation for the purposes of providing valuation services to assorted private and public entity clientele. Primary focus being the provision of real estate valuations for international insurance firms, provincial and local governments, property management companies, investment funds, utility companies and global industrial firms.
  • Developing regional budgets and strategic plans. Strategic planning included developing relationships with construction company executives, local contractors and other valuation professionals (i.e. quantity surveyors, estimators, engineers, suppliers and local appraisers). –
  • Implementing quality control review processes for business procedures inclusive of responding to client questions or concerns.
  • Supervision of Edmonton Office staff and a network of regional appraisers.
  • Attending/organizing Alberta Region marketing related events such as tradeshows, conventions and client meetings. This included presentation of marketing materials, industry educational tutorials and report conclusions.

Professional Experience:

Appraisal Assignments and Experience

  • Completed appraisals of various partial interests involving mineral surface leases and pipeline rights of way; estimating market values and other damages per the Alberta Surface Rights Act, National Energy Board Act, the British Columbia Petroleum and Natural Gas Act and the British Columbia Expropriation Act
  • Completed appraisals involving roadway rights of way for highway realignment & improvements; estimating market value, severance damage, injurious affection and incidental damages per the Alberta Expropriation Act
  • Completed appraisals of various partial takings involving roadway rights of way; estimating market values before and after expropriation, damage caused by severance and other damages per the Expropriation Procedure Act of Saskatchewan
  • Appeared as an expert witness on several occasions and have been qualified in the area of real property appraisal before the Alberta Surface Rights Board and the British Columbia Surface Rights Board
  • Completed appraisal of +/-1,600 acres in and around Regina, Saskatchewan for presentation before the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench
  • Completed appraisals of +/-2,000 acres in Southern Saskatchewan for the Poplar River Surface Rights Association due to expansion of a coal mine
  • Completed current market value appraisals of +/-9,000 acres in Central Saskatchewan and replacement cost analysis of numerous yard sites for development of a potash mine
  • Completed appraisal of property in Central Alberta, including valuation of sand and timber resources, per the Environment Canada Ecological Gifts Program
  • Completed market analyses, current and retrospective market value appraisals of agricultural, future urban development, highway commercial/industrial, recreational and country residential properties throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan utilizing the three valuation approaches (i.e. cost approach, direct comparison approach and income approach)
  • Completed market analyses, current and retrospective market value appraisals along major pipeline and transmission line right of way routes throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
  • Completed consulting analyses and reports on consideration between various pipeline companies and landowners in regards to various pipeline rights of way (i.e. Pattern of Dealings Consulting Reports)
  • Completed numerous real estate appraisals of lands within the Edmonton and Calgary Transportation Utility Corridors (TUC)
  • Mortgage and foreclosure appraisals of various property types
  • Commercial properties including retail stores, light, medium and heavy industrial properties including vacant lands, warehouses and industrial plants
  • Urban fringe properties with varying timelines to development
  • Single family residences and multi-family rental apartment and condominium units
  • Completed replacement cost valuations for commercial, industrial and agricultural properties for the purposes of insurance placement and dispute resolution.
  • Appraisals estimating the value of timber stands


First Nation Land Claim and Treaty Assessments

  • Assisted with an assessment of loss of income from agricultural and recreational lands, extending over a period of ±100 years as a result of an alleged unlawful surrender of lands, as well as inadequate provision of exchange lands of a First Nation in northern Ontario.

Selected Studies and Consulting

  • Completed studies of supply and demand relative to industrial lands within the Alberta Heartland Industrial Areas of Lamont County, Strathcona County and Sturgeon County
  • Prepared Consulting Report for Alberta Environment and Parks which estimated the fair market cash rental rates for 17 farm development leases within Northern Alberta