Our Services

CRVG offers independent valuations / appraisals and agricultural consulting services across Western Canada. Our clientele includes real estate developers, land agents, lawyers, corporations, farmers and governments of various levels. Our professionalism and quality of work are unparalleled in the appraisal and consulting professions.  We perform work in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwest Territories.


CRVG offers years of experience to their customers and provide surface rights appraisals, expropriation appraisals, market analyses involving powerline, pipeline and highway rights of way throughout all of Western Canada. CRVG is versed in standard appraisal assignments of commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural lands.

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When property disputes happen, you need an expert in the field to ensure your interests are properly represented in the valuation.  CRVG offers litigation support for matrimonial and partnership disputes, contractual and unjust enrichment disputes.  CRVG also has years of experience in litigation support for expropriation and surface rights disputes.

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Throughout Western Canada, CRVG has knowledge and experience in the agricultural industry.  We offer agricultural consulting services for financial viability reviews of various animal and grain operations.  These assessments can assist with restructuring of agricultural operations to resolve financial problems, summarize financial positions of debt and equity holders and develop a viable workout solution.

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CRVG has completed a number of loss of use / benefits received studies and analyses resulting from various potential First Nation land uses including traditional, agriculture, forestry, recreation, urban development and utility rights of way.

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Insurance Claim Assessment



CRVG offer personal injury loss assessment services to provide estimates of losses resulting from personal injuries sustained or loss of dependency as a result of fatalities resulting from automobile, farm or industrial accidents.

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