• Completed a number of Loss of Use / Benefits Received Studies and Analyses considering losses and alternative benefits resulting from various potential First Nation land uses including traditional, agriculture, forestry, recreation, urban development and utility rights of way.
  • Agriculture Loss of Use Studies providing our opinion of the agriculture losses experienced by various First Nations. We have carried out these studies involving a number of First Nations across Canada.
  • Completed Overview Studies examining various types of activities which likely would have been carried out by First Nations on TLE lands or unlawfully surrendered lands over time and provided our opinion as to the types of studies which need to be undertaken for proper assessment of losses.
  • Special Economic Advantage Study – We produced a research paper to consider whether a formal Special Economic Advantage Study should be undertaken by a First Nation in Saskatchewan to assist in Land Claim Negotiations. Special Economic Advantage was defined as “an advantage which is special or unique to the First Nation arising out of or incidental to the occupation of the Claim Lands by the First Nation, over and above the fair market value of the Claim Lands.”
  • Completed a study in regard to the intent of the agricultural provisions of Treaty #8 and estimated the value of contemporary fulfillment of such provisions.